Saturday, April 11, 2009

White Comfrey in an Ottoman Graveyard

This is our local wild species of comfrey. I think it's Symphytum orientale, though I've also seen mention of a Symphytum graecum. Here at least, it seems to be less rampant a seeder than borage. Then again it's a perennial and borage is an annual so if every plant remains... It's in my garden anyway so I suppose I'll grow it. I like the pure white flowers.


Sarah said...

and what were you doing in an Ottaman grave yard?
thanks for posting my site, didn't notice before. Bit late but posted the recipe for the ground meat (with humus)

Sazji said...

That is a fine question, yes indeed, you may very well ask just what it was, that it was, I was doing in an Ottoman graveyard!

And the answer is - next post (probably). :)

I'll go check the ground meat recipe, thanks!