Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Account Hacked!

I'm really sorry to have to make a post like this one here, but my Google account was hacked, and everyone on it got a message supposedly from me, stranded in Cardiff, Wales, and asking for 2,800 Euros, or 3000 dollars. I finally got my Gmail account back and it looked like some people had actually answered but hopefully nobody actually sent money. I think the language of the letters would have probably tipped them off that something was amiss.

Unfortunately they also deleted my entire contact list and all of my emails since June; some of the contacts I was able to recover from the bcc in the sent letters box but only from the letter K on; they'd deleted the earlier sent mails as well.

So if any of you were the recipient of the letter, please accept my apologies for any worry it might have caused, and drop me a line so that I can get your contact back!