Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Moving Post - Hareketli bir Giriş

I do love the new instant YouTube link capability in Blogger!

A couple years ago I did a post (Lost and Found II) about a plant that was a favorite in our family garden for years. But since half the fun is the flower's time-lapse-like speed in opening, I decided that I'd try to film it. Now I just need to find a way to transmit the smell!


Acantholimon said...

Wonderful shot of Evening primrose: almost startles one! Reminds me of Nabokov's metaphor for the Russian pentameter:

"It makes a very fascinating noise:
it open slowly, like a greyish rose
In pedagogic films of long ago."

Only yellow, not gray and an Oenothera, not a rose. And now! Not long ago. But otherwise identical!

Sazji said...

Not a rose, and technically not even a prim rose, but yeah. :)

The only Russian poem I can remember from my days studying Russian is one by...was it Pushkin...?...who had been accused of impregnating a woman. In his defense he wrote a poem based on the 7 cases of Russian:

I am nominative,
She was vocative.
I was prepositional,
She was dative.
How then am I accusative
When god is instrumental
And she is genitive?

(Ya imeniteljniy,
Ona zvateljniy.
Ya predlozhniy,
Ona dateljniy.
Chem zhe ya viniteljniy,
Shto Bog tvoriteljniy,
I ona roditeljniy?)


Gökay said...

excellent video, thank you

Sarah said...

wonderful video, how long did it take to photograph it?