Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iris Catchup!

No, this post will not contain any suggestions for making a condiment out of spent iris flowers. This has been a pretty busy time for me, so although I've been out snapping pictures of the spring rush, getting them posted has been another thing altogether. So now it's catch-up time! There's a lot going on out there now, but I'll start with the iris.

In cas you were wondering what the nondescript white bud from the "Messin with my Mind" post turned into, I think you'll agree it was well worth the wait! A beautiful unidentified (by me) very substantial white Pacific Coast Iris.

Here's a top view.

It's already opened its last bloom for this year.
While we're on the subject of Pacific Coast Iris, here's the third one that bloomed for me this year. It's another I. douglasiana, a nice rich purple. I had to play with the colors a bit on photoshop because many digital cameras turn deep purples into blues. This is the closest I could get to the original hue.

In addition to the PCIs, I also had my first bloom of Iris graminea, a truly unusual and beautiful small clumping iris with blossoms that smell somewhat like plums. The only negative point is that the blooms tend to open down in among the leaves, but it's such an interesting shape and lovely collection of shades that I'm perfectly happy to overlook its little flaw.

There's more to come, some of my tall bearded iris look ready to bloom for the first time this year. Other plants will come in "Catchup II," to be posted when I can get round to it!

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